Moving objects in x and y-axis and rotate them

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I am really new to this sort of thing and already in quite some trouble. I have multiple objects on the floor which I imported as .fbx objects. Stuff like robots and stuff. Now i want the player to be able to click on them and move them to another location and rotate them at 45°-intervals.

I am not sure if its common to answer questions like that since I probably need a lot of screenshots to understand it, but I would really appreciate your help.

My big ???s are How does the blueprint look like, which one is it (new one, level blueprint or firstperson blueprint etc)

Massive Thanks

I want to help but i have question did you use a template( like First person template) and if you did, what did you use.

And do you want them to actualy click with the mouse or press a button when they are looking at it

I think you need physics handle component for your player character.

Im using a first person template and i want them to click on it … i.e. they run infront of an object, activate the Event with R and then can pick the object up with the first click and release it with the second click. Maybe the second click could end the event aswell :slight_smile:

Robbe, could you still help? i watched a lot of Tutorials now, but would still need somo help, appreciating it :slight_smile: