Modify my blueprint to add velocity when i release (drop) an object

Hey I followed a tutorial and have successfully made my e key pickup and drop an object but it drops it with no velocity, What im trying to do is add velocity depending on how long i hold my left mouse button, i know the basics but examples would be good thanks!

Here are my current blueprints everything is put into functions!

Event Graph-

Pickup -

Release -

It’s outlined in this

@FreshPrincee1 - If you have been able to figure out drop, then you have already located your player character forward vector im assuming, after spawning your object in the drop action, get an AddImpulse node, and connect that to the Mesh that is being dropped. Put a nice large number (1000?) in the impulse field and see if that works.

Regarding holding mouse button down to charge - you will need a Loop while, or some other device that says while the mouse is held down (starts on mouse click, ends on mouse release). Use a Set Timer By Event that uses seconds or some other mechanism to determine length of mouse hold - plug this counter output into the VALUE into a variable and plug that into the Impulse. When your mouse is released - then that is when you Spawn your object and Throw it. Hope that helps.

@Inph1del , @CreativeVilla Just followed that whole tutorial (so confusing but yeah) um my codes so messy but it doesnt seem to work when i right click it doesnt grab or anything

Yes i realised its messy i can fix all of that up once i get it to work…