Missing resource file in your documentation tutorial

Hi, I was just running through your tutorials real quick and noticed that you have a broken download link on this page:

Which is looking for this non existent file:

So I thought I would let you know and this seems like the closest communication option.

Seconding this. If anyone happens to know where else these might be hosted, or would be willing to share them, that’d be fantastic.

Just to add, same here. I wish I could just add a cube, but it uses a skeletal mesh in form of fbx file. Would love to get through the process.

This problem also occurs to other resources on the next pages, such as https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/HeroFPP.zip

Hi, i was able to download at the following link (which can be used while we wait for the fix of the broken link):


Looks like the projectile is also missing from the new that tutorial and is still available in this link.

Thanks for the link!