Missing 4.7 slot

My launcher was acting odd this morning and now 4.7 has vanished completely. I noticed there was a new engine available and it said 4.7 (no preview). I decided to install it. While it was installing I noticed that the learn and marketplace tabs were blank. I restarted the launcher and everything is back to normal except 4.7 is missing completely now.

I originally posted that to the announcements

forums. I got a private message requesting the following screenshot.

Same happened to me yesterday - 4.7 has vanished

I don’t know if its related but I can’t find my launcher anymore. I can launch project files but ever since I updated the launcher doesn’t seem to exist.

Hi everyone,

This is an issue that we have been trying to track down. If you could post your ‘Verbose Logs’ and a screenshot of your Manifest folder it would be much appreciated.

Follow the 10 steps at the bottom to find your Verbose logs:

Manifest folder location:


After you post your logs and screenshot, if you would like to continue helping us troubleshoot this error please wait for us to reply. If you need to be up and running asap, the only workaround we currently have for this issue is to uninstall and re-install the Launcher.

That is a screenshot of my manifest folder.

This is the most recent logs. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2urzQTzeEQLRDlEeW1YMG9OSmc/view?usp=sharing

These are the standard log file, which could be helpful as well, but could you also post the Verbose Logs? The steps at the bottom of the troubleshooting guide should generate them for you. They will generally be much larger in file size and if word search they will contain the word ‘verbose’.

Hi awilliams1701,

We haven’t heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you’re still experiencing this issue, please provide the ‘Verbose Logs’ I mentioned above.



Got it!!!


Until today I wasn’t really concerned. Now that 4.7 is released officially. Its still not showing up. I’ll attempt to get the verbose logs again, but ultimately I’ll probably re-install.

I don’t know if this is it or not. I took a loot at it and it mentioned very verbose a few times.


I did the re-install and 4.7 is installed and running.

Those are the one’s. Thanks for taking the time to get them. I’ll pass this info along to our Launcher team.

I’m glad that you are up and running now. This issue does still seem to be happening for some users so your info should be useful to us.