Microsoft Visual Studio Performance Enhancements for Unreal Engine 4 – CTP1

Amazing news, i can’t believe the difference!

The RC for update 4 is out, shouldn’t be long for the RTM release! :slight_smile:

Direct download link for those who want to try it (I struggled to find it for a while :p)

Did they increase the perfomance even more? If not, let’s just pretend they did.

I’m definitely noticing faster iteration times, it even makes VA behave a little quicker too when it goes back to Intellisense operations. Very nice

Yup it’s all working surprisingly well at this point.

I once updated my IDE to Update 4 on one of my laptops and since then it never worked the same - it was really slow, throwing all kinds of errors for no reason, and because of that I’m really skeptical of updating VS13 now. Is this update stable?

My Intellisense is still incredibly slow, sometimes have to wait minutes to have something pop up. Is there a fix to this? Since ReSharper and WholeTomato is a bit outside my budget i’m looking for alternatives, preferably free alternatives.

Now this is because of the hugeness of the engine. In the settings you can set the tree depth of intellisense to a higher value. It will then consume more RAM but you will have better IntelliSense results.

Amazing guys! Nice work