Menu slider

Hello guys,
I am making a main menu and I wanna ask how do I create a slider on the right side which would move and move my settings and stuff. Just like on a website or whatever. Lets say I have 20 options in menu and I can see four of them and as I slide it would go up and down. :slight_smile: thanks.

Hello Control,

This is possible through the use of blueprints combined with the UMG UI feature within UE4. This is a link to our documentation regarding UMG. Particular sections cover functions such as Property Binding, Events, and styling to customize your fonts and sliders/buttons.

Thanks for that,I have my menu almost already done I need just that slider to get done and I didn’t find anything specific. Could you at least throw me some starting functions or something please :slight_smile:

So, what you would need is the slider bar itself associated with a blueprint. This blueprint could then detect if the left mouse button is clicking it. It would then need to receive input from the mouse scrolling left and right. Then you could have a blueprint on the slider base. This base then looks for where the bar is. Depending on where the bar is it will scroll up and down.

I recommend looking into our coding for UMG that is covered starting from this web page.

Many things that you find within our documentation are not specific. As we cover a wide area of knowledge and users our documentation is geared toward a broad area. You will need to strengthen your knowledge of UMG and blueprinting in order to make what you want.