Medieatexture and packaging projects

I have searched everywhere, but i cant find a way to export my project, so that ue4 will
have the media textures included -

Is it possible to package the project with the mediatextures included so that it can be opened on other computers?

The MediaTexture assets should be part of your other content already. Are you talking about the video files? Those have to be in /Content/Movies/ for the time being.

yes im talking about the video files!! I just dont want to waste my time on this project if it is impossible to package and open on other computers with the videos working. I just need to know if it is possible, and if so - What do you do exactly when you package the project - what needs to be done EXACTLY? :slight_smile:

You simply package the project for your target platform, and be sure your media files are in the /Content/Movies folder.

Help please,

always when i package with UE4.9 my video showing black, how i can make this work my video it use mpeg 4 should i activate it trough blueprint, how this work this is my email : if someone can help me


Try taking a look at the tutorial I wrote on the Media Player Asset.

Media Player Tutorial

Let me know if you still need help or have further questions.

Thank you,