Media framework video cuts framerate in half

Sorry for the trouble. I don’t know what the problem could be off the top of my head. For the quickest solution you may want to revert to a version that worked better, if that is possible.

Thanks, we actually did try reverting back to the source version of 4.11 preview 7. Our previous build was on a launcher version of 4.11 preview 7 and we got 90fps. Reverting to the source version since the launcher doesnt let you downgrade seems to have the same issue. I assume source and launcher version are identical but if you happen to know some weird difference between the two we are happy to try a different version.

Sorry last question, there isnt a 4.12 preview I could try perhaps? I saw someone in forums 3 hours ago talking about 4.12 but I dont see it on the git source. Worth trying?