Media Framework Roadmap

Hi Max,

What is the status of the live video ingest via blackmagic or similar for the media framework. We’re really excited about some ideas for VR using this, but I didn’t see any direct mention in the 4.9 release notes (although I may have just missed it :)).

Happy to compile from GitHub and test if you wish, we have a number of different ingest cards available. Also happy to contribute if we are able to help.



Is audio supposed to be working in 4.8? I can’t get it to play, not even in vanilla. Tried multiple codecs already - any suggestions on which audio codecs definitely work? Is there an example file somewhere in the content samples that definitely works?

please what is happening with the media framework?? not one update to it for 4.9??? are you serious!!! please tell me I don’t have to move over to Unity please tell me there is major updates right around the corner???

Sorry, the progress on Media is slow at the moment. The whole team is working on other high priority tasks right now. The next items on the Media radar are performance improvements, specifically for VR. As usual, I have no ETA, but I hope to find some time within the next two weeks.

hi gmpreussner i was read this thread close, but i am confuse, i long as know the current plugin for windows is driven by windows media foundation, so the plan is move all to vlc api? in order to get better integration for each platform?

There is a VLC plug-in, yes, but that one has limitations, too. I will continue to make improvements to it, but I’m also going to try Google’s VP9 next :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on when we will have improved VLC\Media Framework support? It’s been a few updates since I’ve seen progress on this. Love to use UE4 more in future projects that require embedded media.

Could we have a reference to the Trello card for this? Thanks.

I’m using a pre-rendered video for certain cut-scenes and still have major issues with this unoptimized feature. Still disappointed that such a basic feature as playing a full screen cut scene video is neglected.

Yesterday i playing a bit with the media texture, streaming video and its unusable, lots of engine freezes specially when use a 720p video with the media sound, sometimes one or two seconds others must kill the engine process. Without media sound works better.

Just a friendly bump. Really looking forward to the Media Framework updates.

Even i’m too looking for framework updates @taurian

2 years have past and non updates what you think will be ?

Another friendly bump :slight_smile:
I would like to use 360 videos as textures, but everything seems so unstable and highly depends on the file used!
Up to now, my worst problems are:

  • Looping not always working
  • Not firing OnEndReached Event
  • Inefficient video streaming (4k videos not usable, both on windows and android)
  • Audio working only once in a while

I think this is a major feature for an all-around engine like UE, and afaik, lot of people are looking for this!
I’m using 4.11 preview 8, btw.
Pretty pleeeease…! :wink:

Yeah, I finally started working on Media stuff again this week. Sorry for the long delay - the feature was put on hold for many months in favor of other features that we wanted to show at GDC, such as Sequencer.

The Media Framework’s current prototype API needs an overhaul in order to get better performance and become easier to extend and use. We discussed some ideas last week, and I started to implement them. The roadmap posted at the beginning of this thread is still pretty much accurate.

Here is Trello reference for phone camera integration:

Thank you! Looking forward to an update!

Is there a good chance an updated media framework will be in the next engine preview?

Maybe in some upcoming 4.12 preview, at the earliest.

Great to see this back in the pipeline