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That’s right, I have already used this technique. But I’m still interested in how, knowing the coordinates of the child and knowing the relative transformation, calculate the position and rotation of the parent.

Based on this example, I tried to perform inverse transformation to the child to set it in place of the parent, but it did not work for me. So I am asking for help here.

Another math question. The coordinates of the points V1 and V2 are known, the distance L is known. It is necessary to calculate the coordinates of the point V3. I am interested in the built-in UE4 functions that will allow this to be calculated. You can also give trigonometric formulas.

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Thank you, this is what I need. The get unit direction (vector) function returns values from 0 to 1, which are the direction. The variable rotator also shows the direction. What is the connection between them. How to translate the values at the output of the get unit direction (vector) function into a rotator and vice versa?

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The coordinates of points V1 and V2 and the angle A are known. D1 = D2.
It is necessary to find the coordinates of the point V3.

Isn’t this something covered in primary school and very easy to research on your own? Besides that, the angle makes little sense here since we’re in 3d. You may need to rethink what really needs doing or discard an axis.

If you know the plane you want to rotate in, you can rotate a vector:


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A is a rotation in space and consists of three rotations.

I know the school curriculum, but I don’t know UE4 well. If the question is simple, then the easiest way is to ask. But if the question is difficult, then I have to decide. So sorry for the stupid questions.

Rotate Vector is the answer, as above.


Gives you this:

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Thanks for the example. The easiest way for me to learn UE4 is with simple examples.

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Here is the answer to my question:
V3 = (V2 - V1)RotateVector + V1

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