material Tesselation & world displacement

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make a nice rock wall material for my archviz project. So I am playing with the tesselation and the world displacement to generate different offset in the modulation. Here a picture of what I am trying to create.

So far , everything look good in the material editor, but when I apply the material to my walls something strange happen. Someone know why it is doing that? I attach some screenshot of the material settings.

Thanks you in advance!


Your geometry probably needs more subdivisions. Your walls need to have pretty evenly space square-ish splits along the entire thing. Try putting one every half meter. Tessellation requires there to be be polygons there to tessellate. You could try POM if you want to get the look of tessellation with no geometry to support it.

Thanks you ZacD, like you said, maybe I should try POM technics. I modeled my project with archicad and less polygons modifications better it will be. I just took in the forum for some Parallax example and it look a little bit more complex, but I also read that it would probably be the better option for this type of material.

Any good tutorial about parallax occlusion that you can suggest me?

Thank you again!