Making an instance of a class object

Is there a way to create instances of a class object with Blueprint?
If not, what’s even the point of exposing them…

I am trying to make a configurable light blueprint, that takes a light class, and in the construction script creates an actual light out of it (in addition to other things).
I can’t find any function even remotely related to creating objects from a class, just the predefined things in “Add Component” which don’t allow any class configuration.

That looks like the closest thing, yet it still doesn’t support an arbitrary class.
I want to be able to select the class in the level editor, and derive the created component from that class.
So if I have a couple of different light presets, I could select which one I want, and not have to make a new BP for each one.

You can write a BP function that creates an instance of an UObject and place it into the world:

Or you can make Your class an Actor and spawn it on the level.

Add ChildActorComponent is what you are looking for i suppose.

Unreal 4.9 Has an innate way to do this “Construct” | “Construct Object from Class” blue print node