Main Menu is broken and wont work at all! Please respond and Help!

Hey so i created a main menu and have an actor with only a camera in it to create a realtime background. I posted this already but forgot to link screenshots. Here is all the photo’s in a .zip file! Thanks!!BfIlmBLC!7Jc9aRvXFZayGJjmzJzF071BscjnbcvCGkoIz2MXsU4

You can upload to an image hosting site or upload directly to the forum itself with a couple of clicks. Absolutely nobody is going to:

A. Download a zip file of images
B. Do “A” from a forum post that’s entirely separate from the original post where people were asking for more information on this.

Go back to the original post, edit and update your comment with the images, preferably via the forum’s own system.

There’s no way I’d even consider downloading this…

Hey Cytosine,

You may want to try hosting your images on Imgur and then embed them here with our functionality