Lumen performance vs Raytracing

Did you also enabled Virtual Shadows? Because that kills the performance on my project. Lumen with Shadow Maps works fine performance wise. Virtual Shadows basically cut fps in half and produce a lot of hitches.

^ this. Whenever reporting FPS can people please list resolution?

A scene that runs 60 FPS can melt the same GPU at 4K.

Can Lumen work on a non RTX card?

If I remember correctly: it works on all dx11 gpu with some features requiring dx12.

It’s all here:

i do not like anything that increases frametimes or input lag, for me that would not be a great improvement even though rtx and lumen etc may look nice. i played cyberpunk with rtx-on and that was good. i think latency and frametimes are topics that are underestimated because not many players realise all aspects that makes them like a game. often enough visuals and sound quality are realised more than other optimizations that contribute towards the feeling of a game in the same way.