Lost in learning how to move Ai bots

I’ve read all I could find, and watched every video I could find and the more I research the more I get really confused on moving AIBots. Alot of it is confusion as to why Trees, blackboards, and things like that are necessary, but I can’t find a simple start from scratch tutorial. They all assume you are at a certain level and go from there. For example if you start the “AI Bot: Blueprint Scripting” they do just that. Is anybody else in the same position I am. I understand there is a learning curve , but I just can’t stand not moving at all on the curve. Anyone have any advice? I just don’t want to go back to Unity but I feel like this is my only choice…

Have you tried these youtube videos…
HERE…by: Peter L. Newton

Just call the MoveToLocation function in the AI controller.

Does this help:

Hey CreativeOcclusion, that was actually the last set of videos that I watched. The problem with that set of videos is that it still starts in the middle of an already done project, and its still a bit up on the curve for me.

Narghile, do you have another link for that file? It says its corrupted.

What about the blackboard, behavior trees, etc and all the other stuff Unreal says you need to use?

Narghile’s link works fine for me. Maybe you got an issue when you downloaded it.
If you have too much troubles to familiarise with behavior tree / blackboard, here is another ai system by Mhousse1247 :

I found this, and this does a good job starting with the basics. I wish I had this last week! I think it should be included in the manual:

I don’t understand why something like this isn’t in the manual.

Do you mean something like that ?