Looking to start making video games but don't want to do it alone

Hi My name is Joshua and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to make a video game. I took B.O.C.E.S. programming and web design classes when I was in school and I went to collage for multi media. However I haven’t been able to finish anything to put my name out there and show my talents because I would get so overwhelmed or get stuck with a problem I couldn’t fix; The process always taking so long I run into so many problems but I never gave up I want to keep trying I don’t want to let all the years of experience, time and effort go to waste. So getting hits and misses over the years asking people for a little help even if they just came to screw around and see what they might be good at hasn’t proven to very helpful. I tried doing searches and reaching out to people on my facebook, indie sites and a few other media sites I am involved in. Still I haven’t had any luck so I figured since I am working with unreal editor getting integrated trying to figure out the features I might as well try here as well. If there are any people who are in the same position as me with a dedicated gamer spirit who really want to get into the video game development field but have tried and failed or just don’t know were to start. I might be able to help I have done quite a bit of research and gotten myself a handy pile of assets as well as pretty a good game concept. I even have a company name with a team communication website and I also have source control set up but even with all this I still find myself trying to dig myself out of an ever deepening hole. Sometimes I get stuck on things that take me days even weeks to figure out due to work, daily activities, or just not having any drive to sit at my computer and drill at the problem for hours. So I know that this is probably a long shot and I don’t have anything to offer at the moment but I do intent so sell the game I am currently working on. The game concept I am driving my full attention at is a sci fi space game were you take on the role of one of the personnel aboard a space station. You will be able to pick a job class and perform duties that will either be beneficial or detrimental to the lifespan of the station. The matches are session based and everyone will be working toward a certain goal. Due to the art style and me not being very artsy I have chosen to go with a top down perspective though if I get some better assets, animations or anyone that can do them that might change.

well I don’t want to go to much further into detail atm I am writing this as 2am. So ill just leave it off here if anyone is interested please post on here or send me an email at you don’t have to have any experience just a drive to want to make video games and the ability to make time for it even if its like an hour a day. I am not to demanding I let you set your own dead lines and hold you to them and if you know what you want to do I have plenty that needs to be done. If you don’t then I am willing to work with you and help you understand as much as I can to maybe help you find what you might want to do and can help with. anyway thank you to anyone who responds and to anyone who who took the time to read my story.

Greetings Josh! I, myself have a huge passion for gaming and game development when it comes down to when you want to develop the type of game that inspires you personally. I’m also currently developing a project that consist on a little of what you had in mind. It caught my attention when I proceeded to read your post. I’ve also gone ahead and sent you a skype request in hopes we’d speak even further about this.

Thank you very much for the very quick response I have already accepted your request I didn’t expect to be so quickly answered actually kinda nice for once.