Looking for pure c++ tutorials


I’m 100% beginner to game programming.For the last few days I’ve tried Unreal,Unity, and Cryengine.

I find Unity very easy to learn + great tutorials,but Unreal has the best graphics / performance value.The only problem is that I can’t find pure c++ tutorials.Every c++ tutorials starts with few lines of code and the most important game logic(eg. animations) are made in blueprints.

I find this mix of c++ and blueprints very confusing.As a beginner I want to learn how to do things in c++ first then when I’ll get comfortable with the engine to move to blueprints or mix of blueprints and c++.

For example I wish first person c++ template and third person c++ template were made in pure c++.

Can I find them somewhere? (free or paid does’t matter).


The first link posted above helped me quite a bit. I went from a first time Unreal user to now having a huge game releasing in a few months. However I had a ton of prior C++ knowledge before that.
I think you’re going to have a lot of trouble if you try diving straight into Unreal’s C++ without knowing C++ itself first.

Unreal is much more complex than unity, and so it’s very useful to know basic C++ before you start using it in Unreal. Thankfully C++ is possibly the most popular coding language on the planet, and so if you google C++ beginner tutorials, you’ll find a ton of free content.
Probably a good idea to start there, learn about classes, functions, variable types, parameters, structs, etc. Then come back and apply that knowledge to Unreal. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links! I never thought I could find what I’m looking for on official Unreal documentation. :stuck_out_tongue:


All c++ tutorials are a mix of c++ and blueprints.I already searched for them in Unreal documentation and the tutorials on youtube are copy/paste of the official tutorials.

I know programming trend is the drag and drop programming style but I do not give a beep about the trend, I want code in a text editor not some fancy spaghetti.

  1. Let me make myself clear: drop the attitude. Don’t bleeping shout at people that are trying to be helpful.

  2. Blueprints are designed to be used in tandem with C++ code. These are not mutually exclusive techniques, but rather designed to complement each other as they solve different kinds of problems for different stages of development. Therefore it is very hard to find “pure” code tutorials that never touch BP at all.

  3. Try this series: C++ Tanks vs Zombies | 01 | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube There’s probably some BP in it, but mostly C++.

No, he was not trying to help, he knew I was not looking for that, but he replied anyway just to increase his post count!

This community is too aggressive.



If you plan to behave like that you shouldn’t be posting here, they spent their time trying to help you and you should respect that.

Expecting civil behavior from a guy named Crazyme101 - thread was good for laughs though.

“This community is too aggressive.”

I think it is not. You are.

Since the beginning of the Engine public release, the community has been trying to answer all questions that are raised.

If you expect to find C++ only tutorial, I think you didn’t understand yet the concept of this game engine.

Where as you can mainly code in C++ 100% of your game, blueprint is a key part of the way to do your game.

In fact, your core class, elements should be in C++ but all the “setup” and non critical code can be done in BP. You will understand that you will save a ton of time without performance drop.

Ex: Create your Character class in C++ to handle all the basic like damage, start an attack, movement code etc… then create 1 BP per type of character you will use. You will be able to set the mesh, default values like Health or damage point or… add sounds etc…
If you need to change 1 value, it will cost you 5 sec. If you do it in C++, it will cost you 30s to 1 min due to build time and sometime Engine Reload.

Switch your attitude.

And if you use a bit the search function you should have found:

This isn’t helpful now, but ever since I got turned off blueprints when child actor components frequently resulted in corrupted files and just, well, pain for me (and lots of lost work), I decided to switch over to C++ exclusively. I manager as much as possible from C++ because, well, I know it won’t randomly become unreadable when I open a file one day. Mostly know that. I don’t use blueprints at all anymore, except the occasional editor blutility and animation blueprints. I just want the blueprints to be as reliable and wonderful as the material editor (I realize these serve are radically different purposes, but I adore the material editor and it’s been stable as hell for years).

But, that said: working in C++ is… Time-consuming. Like, very time-consuming. Since about June, I’ve been rewriting all of my old logic and functionality I had previously done in Blueprint (well, on top of a whole lot of backend/forward-looking systems in addition to doing a full production-ready implementation of what were essentially prototypes) and I’m still not quite to the spot where I was before. It takes a lot more research and troubleshooting and debugging how various systems are interacting and where one of your assumptions is incorrect (or correct and figuring out how to fix it).

That said, I still don’t regret making the switch; I’ve learned so much more about the engine over the course of this process and how to properly structure my project to be as forward-looking, reliable, and production-ready as it possibly can be.

Anyway, to actually answer your question: I’m planning on writing a lot more about the way I’ve approached the development of my project, as well as some of the major blocking issues I ran into where no documentation/examples/questions existed at all once I have some more time on my hands (when I’m not working two jobs; one to make money and my company to take that money). Again: not helpful, but if you do have any questions, I can probably help give you a bit of a rundown/help (I don’t check this forum as often as I should because of aforementioned constant business, but my email is [EMAIL=“”] Hope the lack of immediate help is of great help. :smiley:

I think this tutorial series here is great : Unreal Engine 4 Course (Create Multiplayer Games with C++) | Udemy

I wrote this tutorial series, please have a look and let me know if you like it: Learn C++ in Unreal Engine 4 by making a powerful camera