Looking For Company / Team (Professional)

Hi. I’m looking for a company or team of Unreal developers who ideally have some experience with making racing games for a polished racing prototype. Professional client. Please message me if interested in more details. Thanks.

I’m not interested, because you don’t really know how to advertise for people looking for work with clear details on payment and the project.


I’m Vicent from BraveZebra. We are a game outsourcing company with 3 years of experience on development on several videogames. We have also specific experience on racing videogames. Can you give us more details about the project? That would be great. You can contact with me on my e-mail:

Best regards,


Sorry, I’ve made a mistake. My e-mail is



Are you able to put a bit more information on what you need done? Programming, 3D modeling, animation, etc etc ? Or just coding?

It is true that more information would be really helpful and greatly appreciated. Here’s a few questions you can answer. What is your timeline for this? Do you need animation work done or just modeling? Will there be any environmental or level design work or just 3D model assets you are looking for? Thanks!