Looking for a mentor/teacher or just tips and tricks on how to start

Hello there, my name is Dinis and I’m from Portugal, I’ve always been interested in Game Developing so I have a bunch of cool ideas I believe that are great and I really like to discuss ideas with other people so I have different looks at them.
I wrotte this post because since Unreal Engine went free I’ve been trying to learn but I really have no point to start with. I have a few ideas how to draw in 3D but I have no idea how to script and work in Unreal Engine. I was looking for someone who had patience and time to teach me how to work with it even tough I consider myself a fast learner and I already worked on basic programs like Scratch and Visual Basic, I’m also highly motivated so it wouldn’t take long! I think I only needed the basics, the rest I would be able to sort out (I think :D). So, if a good soul wishes to teach me I’m able to use Teamspeak, Skype, etc… and since I’m on vacations my schedule is open and versatile. I really don’t have much to offer but apreciation and who knows in the future ^^ if everything goes well…
If anyone is interested feel free to respond to this post or send me an e-mail to:
Not really looking forward to a commitment, everybody is free to abandon or the other way around, keeping in the project until the end, your call!

Thanks in advance :smiley:

EDIT: I’m 18 years old and I’m thinking in enrolling on an IT Course on University next year.

When you like you can add me in skype: nasph96 (but not so active) :slight_smile:

Useful links:

Just start with the basic video tutorials, after that directly try to develop you own game -> best and easiest way to learn

YouTube is a link to my youtube channel and there is a lot of information there that can help you as well or even add my Skype and I can help you out as well… deathtoallretards ( I am in the process of making a more professional one).

Carl Breeden - YouTube Heres the link to my channel I wasn’t aware of the dashboard link sending people to their dashboards and not mine.