Local multiplayer blueprint tutorial ???

Is there a tutorial about setting up a basic local multiplayer with Blueprints only ? I can’t seem to find any :confused:

Mostly interested in having 1 camera and 2 - 4 players (and mixed controls, using kb+mouse+gamepads).


P.S. By “local” I mean 1 PC/console and several players playing on it, like in good ol’ times when there was no Internet and LAN games. Sorry I didn’t make it clear.

Also tried looking for a tutorial and struggling to find one, but what you need to do is spawn the amount of controllers you want for players, use the create player for each player, assigning the appropriate controller variable to them.
Then when game starts, possess the appropriate pawn with appropriate controller.

Thanks, sounds simple :slight_smile:

Do I need to worry about replication and other usual multiplayer stuff ?

If your just doing local multiplayer it shouldnt be too much of a problem

I’ve been trying to make a basic local multiplayer 1v1 for a week now, i can’t manage to get 2 controllable characters to spawn with one camera. Some tips/screenshots would be much appreciated.

I use this tutorial to create the camera (it works pretty much the way i want, zooms out and in

when player moves)

When i try using create player this happens:

I’ve also tried creating new controllers and possessing them, the result is always only spawning one playable character.

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