Loading different new mesh in run time

I am not sure if this is the correct place for this so you guys could redirect me where is necessary.

So we have this Arch Viz project, a VR presentation, now a single part of this project will vary over time, this meant that they would like to change a single wall with different donors names and design. We could rebuild each presentation with this new feature, but then we will have to resend them all the files just to change that feature.
I was wondering if there is a way that we could build a ‘master level’ and then send them only that part to be loaded as they need, they potentially could choose what variation to load.

I imagine like an extension pack for a game, you get basic level, you can buy extra levels or different accessories for your character.

I really don’t know how to search for something similar, or if it is even possible.

Your though and input is appreciated.

Thank you @DarkS474 but all those link refer t geometry that is already n to the project. I Could use that, but sadly the ‘new geometry’ we don’t have it yet, this will be decided over time. That’s why I was wondering if instead of creating a new project every time we could just ‘submit’ the new geometry and let the user to load the version they need while running the game.
So is like create an empty array and send the parts over time. Like when you ‘buy’ extra accessories for your character that are not present in the game when you purchase the game originally.

To achieve what you want you need to create your own runtime pak download and mounting system and then swap the assets at runtime using those either BP or C++ examples.
Runtime pak fles mounting seems to be a bit difficult and some discussion threads might help:


OK then, lots to read, thank this looks more like I may need.