Loading assets from server? (a must for freemium games)

I understood that we need to write our own code for creating such game where we can load assets which are not part of
the build. Is there any tutorial available? or any one made it available in Market Place (I am ready to buy)?
If this is too hard to implement then its really not worth spending my time in UE any more.

I don’t know why this is a least discussed topic in UE when this so important in freemium games.

I guess this is not discussed, because most of the users are beginners and don’t think about something like that. And the user that are skilled enough in C++ just create it for themself.

This is happening on other topics too (Steam integration for example).

With Loading assets from server you mean exactly what?

You want to add more content over time after your final build or give users the ability to create their own content, which can be downloaded by other users?

Would this be something for you?


Ok, i searched a bit more and this seems to depend on what you want to achieve. Letting your users create .fbx files and moving the .fbx Import Code to the runtime section is not allowed by Epic Games:

You could write your own FBX importer though.

But i guess creating your content and compile it with the engine so that it loads with the wiki article that Rama wrote should be ok.

My game will have cosmetics and extra level which player needs to pay and buy. For keeping the build size smaller, which we can do by including only the assets which are available for everyone. And when a player wants to buy something like cosmetics and levels then only I will download the assets which he purchased. The link you gave might be the one I am looking.

That’s great (: The way you want to do it seems possible and legal AND easy to implement. If you run into more problems with this i would say you should go to the Forums and hope that Rama sees your post (: He can surely help you.

Hey man, could you share the link to your solution please? i have been looking for the same thing.