Should make it to 4.1 :wink:

EDIT: Apprarently attaching image to a post is too limiting, here’s larger pic:

That’s great, I guess that’s the cross compiling method right?


Right :slight_smile:

Thanks! It’s a team effort, I’m just posting :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be possible to use some IDE like Code::Blocks on linux?.

These compilers are currently supported:


Funny thing is, I’m actually currently handwriting all of the CMake files and using the Build.CS files as reference to what headers are needed and what modules should be linked to them. Now, I have never actually written any of them before, so this is a first attempt, but from what the CMake documentation says (and through some tutorials and looking at other projects CMake files), getting a CMake build system is pretty straightforward.

Nils, I’d be greatly interested in seeing what you’ve done. Maybe we could learn a few things from each other. If you’re interested, here’s my Github account. I actually started working on it yesterday.

Awesome to see things progressing this well so fast!
Wish I was more experience with Linux and C++ in general so that I could lend a hand.
But anyway… great work!

I would also like to express my interest in Linux as a development platform.
At my college we almost exclusively work with Linux. Privately I use OS X.
Unfortunately, my Mac is too slow for UE4 (4.0.2 helped a lot though). So I have to run UE4 on Windows, which I have never really used for serious work and I genuinely feel handicapped on this platform. I know this is entirely my fault and one could get used to it. I’m just saying, if I had the choice, I would switch in a blink.

Hey, sbc100, I just wanted to tell you that your build system works great on Gentoo x64. Just had to do this (as root, of course):

emerge --ask --autounmask-write mono clang

The “–autounmask-write” bit is because certain USE flags had to be set to get both to compile (at least on my system; your mileage will vary).

Thanks for the awesomeness and keep up the good work.

I am interested in helping with the linux build. I looked at the wiki and saw that the only thing missing is linking the UE4 editor. This is cooool and I’m anxious to help.

Unfortunately I couldn’t yet get there because I’m still missing Steamworks, so I could not build even UHT. How do I get the Steamwork libs? I signed up in Valve, but then it says I have no permissions… Alternatively, is it possible to switch off its inclusion/linking somehow?

My other problem was in SDL. I would like to use my own compiled SDL. How do I tell UnrealBuildTool to find my SDL, which I do not want to put in the system?

Yeah, the dependency on Steamworks for Core/Engine is superficial unless you actually need Steam subsystem or Steam controller support, and should be easily removed from .Build.cs files. You may need to correct/#ifdef/comment code in a few places though.

We’ll see if this can be removed altogether, which should be the case at least for UHT.

Please take a look at Engine/Source/ThirdParty/SDL2 and either replace the binary files with your compiled version, or create a subfolder like SDL2-2.0.3-MyVer, put everything there as you like it and change Build.cs file to point to it.

OK, I’ll add the ifdefs tonight. To make it quicker, just in case it’s not immediately evident for me - what would be the way to add a switch for that define to the build system?

OK, got it. Thanks.

Also, to confirm another thing - I’m developing in the master_linux branch forked from sbc100’s repo. Is this OK, or should it be the linux branch?

I am sure that if you made the linux development a community based effort. It will follow along with the linux mantra. Community driven platform.
Not only would you have it completed faster, you would have many set of fresh eyes to help trouble shoot, and create better content.