Licensing Android Package

Hi, I want to know how I can license my android package with UE4. I read the documention about it on android site and ue4 but I don’t know how I can license this package so that I can upload it on the Play Store(example).

Bostrot, would you mind elaborating a bit more? Are you asking whether you need an additional license from us to ship on Android? If that is your question the answer is that Android (among many other things) is included in our license.

No I think I don’t mean that. I mean that if I package my project for Android and try to upload it on the App Store as Alpha Version Google says that this file is not certificated. Do I have to sign something? Is there a big step for step tutorial for Unreal Engine Android packing?

Oh, sorry, now I understand. Would you mind posting the detailed error message here?

You need to go into the Packaging Settings window (found in the Packaging menu) and select the Distribution checkbox. This will make the .apk be signed with your own key/certificate.

Further, you will need to create a key to sign the .apk, and give some information to our build tools with a file called SigningConfig.xml. This file exists in the installed Engine directory (Engine/Build/Android/Java). If you edit this file, it will apply to all your projects. However, you can copy this file to your project’s Build/Android directory (no Java directory), and then it will be used for just that project. Directions for how to generate the key and fill out the file are found in the file itself.

I apologize this wasn’t in the documentation, we will add it shortly :slight_smile:

Let us know how this works out for you. We haven’t yet put an app on the store, so we haven’t tested a .obb file downloaded from the store (and we also don’t have support yet to download the .obb if it’s missing, which is something that is needed for full .obb support).


When UE4 creates a .apk file when distribution checked, is this solely for Google play distribution or can it also be used for other distribution methods like Amazon and email sending?

Here I tried to sum the process in a video:

I hope it works with this help :wink:

Was this ever added to documentation? I can’t find it.

I’ve added a tutorial for this in the Unreal Wiki here: