[LFW UNPAID] Voice, [LFW PAID] Photoshop

Hi, I like doing many things but have experience in photography/digital art and computer programming. I also have a masters degree in computer science with focus on human-computer interaction. However, there is something that I really want to go into again - voiceovers. I have done audio plays in the past, none of which unfortunately exist in recorded format. But if necessary, I can send you a voice demo with any sample script or a script that I pick. While I can do all kinds of voiceovers, I love doing passionate, dramatic narration, so you would find me especially helpful in video game trailers. But I would be interested in doing character voices as well. As an Indian citizen who has lived in America for several years, I can do general accents from both countries, some specialized Indian accents, and also good, clean British received pronunciation and cockney accent.

As for digital art, my specialty lies in creating graphical composites. So in terms of games, if you want promotional material in terms of posters, you would find my services useful. I have done fan posters in the past, including one for Mass Effect: Andromeda which got good attention (was retweeted by both Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale).

Let me know if you have work for me in either voice or art. I won’t charge for voice work (so you don’t really have anything to lose by offering me an audition), and for artwork I’m sure we can agree on some kind of nominal compensation. It can be in the form of money, royalty, or company shares.

Attaching some fan posters here -

Fan poster of Civil War

Combo poster of CW/BvS

Dark Phoenix composite of a cosplayer

My Mass Effect: Andromeda poster

A fan poster of the tv show Tiny Plastic Men