[LFW PAID/CONTRACT] Joan Casals "Johandark" - 3D Character Props UE4 Artist


my name is Joan, I´m a 3D Artist from Barcelona with 5 years of experience in Videogame and Comic, specially with Unreal Engine 4.

DEMO-REEL 2015](

Example of a AAA pre-alpha videogame Environment and props with Unreal Engine 4.8


​Example of 3D Low-Poly Character for Forclusion Indie Videogame in Unreal Engine 4.8.

I work from my own or from other artists concepts. My strongest skills are Zbrush modeling (version: 4R7), Low-poly modeling (specially by Luxology Modo 901, but I used also Maya2015, 3DsMax2015 and Lightwave11.5) and unwrap/texture (Luxology Modo 901/ Substance Painter 1.3, Substance Designer 5.0.2., Photoshop CC and Manga Studio EX 5).

I’m available for off-site contract work on a full-time or part-time basis (paid only).


Best Regards,