[LFW PAID] 3D Rigging, Skinning, Animation, UE4 Integration, UI/UX, Website as Work or Courses

[LFW PAID] Sayato - 3D Animator, Web Designer and more…

The Starting Price of my services is 500 USD

I offer my services of 3D Rigging, 3D Skinning, 3D Animation, UE4 Integration, UI/UX, Website, etc…

Training Course(s):
I offer my services of private lecons related to UE4 done remotely with separated courses :

  • Rigging, Skinning course (how to rig your own character with Blender 3D)
  • Animation course (your own humanoid animation with Blender 3D)
  • DAZ integration course (include Morph targets, tricks and optimisations, materials, etc…)
  • NEW: Landscape creation and related Materials
  • NEW: Slicing body parts of a character for UE4 Dismemberment
  • NEW: UE4.23 Sequencer Cinematics with HDRI Background and Raytracing Parameters
  • NEW: My apprentice can Make you any UE4 Mannequin animations for a fair price !

All of them include FBX import/export and re targeting workflows, documentation and some examples to download.
A discount can be done for a all in one pack of the 3 courses.

Unreal Engine 4 Basic BluePrint, Characters Integration, Materials, Network Setup
Blender 3D Rigging, Skinning, Animation
Autodesk Maya 3D Animation (Beginner), UE4 Live, UE4 ART
FullStack Web Developer, Web Designer, SEO Optimization
UI/UX, 2D Design
Music Composer (Beginner)
World Creator 2, PBR Texturing/Shadders, Etc…

Previous Work:
SWA Project…layer-Project=
And more on Resume Request.

GSlide Portfolio of My Skill Set in the Video Games Industry - Google Slides

UE4 TESTs DAZ Characters Integration, ALS V3 Integration, 3D Animations, etc… Youtube Playlist…4iAIW94cYqqc9N

My Quick Draft TESTs done with UE4 on Youtube Playlist…xuC7i-Hc7aoy-M

Flip Back 3D Animation and my composed Music

International E-Commerce Website

Team Website

Our Projects :

Web Game UI Responsive


Please send me a detailed request and i´ll study the case and send you a free quote.
Then we can talk more about it on Discord or Skype


Additional Information:

  • Online Remote Work or in Tokyo City.
  • Tokyo Time UTC +9.
  • Can only speak English or French
  • The Starting Price is 500 USD

Comments are Welcome!
Serious replies only please.

Currently available…

Hi ! I’m Currently available if interested by my services.
My latest works and test youtube playlist :

Hi Sayato,

Awesome jobs! I sent a message for a quote!


Currently available…

Currently available…

Currently available…
My Quick Draft TESTs done with UE4 on Youtube Playlist

Would you consider working for a royalties share project?
Thank you for replying.

Thanks for your offer but i need funds for my own projects.

it’s fine. Thanks for the response.

Currently available…

Currently available…

Currently available…

Currently available…

We are interested in talking. When r u available?

why don’t you sell your course at, you will make some profits for sure, i personally have bought 5 courses on how to make an fps game/ Zbrush creation / C# / Blueprint / UE4 basics

Hey Thanks for the suggestion **Chikighb **this is much appreciated !

I must think about it, it takes a lot of time to build some quality courses.

By the way, if i can reach this goal on Projects - Shin Kaneda Team
i will ask a fellow dev to join me and make a complete tutorial series about creating multiplayer video game, build your own characters, animations, landscape, etc…


I am Currently available now !

I am Currently available !

I am Currently available !

I am Currently available !

My Last work in progress

Direct Link on Youtube