Level load data transfer

Hi, i am working on a JRPG-styled pet project and i am having difficulties in sharing data stored in variables between levels. The project i am working on features a world map and a battle map. Upon encountering a enemy on the world map level (NPC actor, event on destroyed), using “open level” will open the “battle map” level and transition to that level.
I managed to do the transition successfully, however im now stuck on transferring crucial data/info to the newly open level (information such as enemy type, number of enemies, character data etc.)

So my question is this, anyone has any idea on how to do such data transfer between levels or is there something similar to a global variable whereby i can centralize character data for easy access by all blueprints irregardless of levels? i have tried using blueprint interfaces but i am having false positives in my data/info upon changing on level (value supposed to be 3 but returned a 0 or boolean supposed to true but returned a false instead).


You may want to look into Level Streaming, but also look at the GameInstance Object.

This may be what you’re looking for.