Lawn Grass Archviz

Wow, that looks really good.

Are you planning on releasing this to the marketplace anytime soon?

Hey guys, I’m a bit of a beginner when it comes to archviz but I’m wondering how you all get such short grass? I’m currently trying to replicate rabellogp’s grass with the exact same SpeedTree asset and getting very long, messy grass; not good for the kind of freshly cut lawn you’d want for an archviz scene.

Are you guys scaling the grass mesh in some way or are the scenes/models just large? I’ve tried decreasing scale in the foliage paint settings and increasing density but I quickly get complaints about lightmass size being too big (not sure if there’s a way to fix this?)

Below I’ve attached an image of the default grass size:


And here it is at at 0.3 scale and 5000 density (still looks larger than most of the grass I’ve seen here):


But yeah, the work here is awesome! Thanks for posting; it’s great to see what’s possible in Unreal.

Forget about using lightmaps on dense lawn like that (unless you have access to Pixel’s renderfarms :p). You are right about scaling down the assets. Just use the density, distance and scale parameters in foliage properties to get the results you want. Then set your grass asset as movable and disable “cast static shadows”. You’ll need stationary (or movable) sunlight and skylight in our scene.

Thanks tonnes for that rabellogp! That’s really cleared things up. I’m messing around with color variation now and wondering if you had any tips on good variation textures? I was taking a look at the work they did here and I’ve been struggling to create a texture that creates a realistic look. Did you just whip something up in Photoshop?

I just use the variation texture that comes with the sample grass texture in UE4

I set the “cull distance max” to 200, so any distance beyond 200 the grass would not show up. But then i increase “cull distance max” to 500, yes the grass disappears beyond the distance of 500, but between 200 and 500, the grass has become sparse. Only when moving closer, the sparse grass becomes thicker.

200 is too tiny a distance. Basically for my scene i want all grass to appear normally within a distance of 9000. But doesn’t seem to work. The max for the grass to appear normal is only within 200. Anything beyond that the grass would be appear sparse.


That’s the final LOD, cull distances handle the max draw distance and LOD ratio as well (I believe)

BUMP - it’s been 1 year since the last post. Anybody got some new fantastic looking short lawn grass?

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Bump Bump, Anyone got any more solutions for good looking grass?

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Check some Megascans tutorial.

Megascans lawn grass is all Atlases which cannot be painted using the Folliage tool

Yes but no lawn grass it is all tall stuff sadly

@rabellogp hi, any plans to put your grass on Marketplace?

I would also love that to happen

any more news on this lovely grass?

I took the grass from the kitedemo and trying to tweak it so it looks like artificial lawn grass… But I seem to struggle to get to that looking grass. I don’t know how to make it more uniform getting rid of those random taller bits of grass which are also on different colour. Any ideas please?

@brannell open the grass material and unplug the net of the “world position offset” attribute. You’ll lose wind animations but I don’t think you want that on artificial grass anyway…

Thank you @rabellogp