Launcher not downloading engine

I previously had 4.3.1 installed. Since 4.4.0 was just released, I thought I would try that out, especially because it added something I really needed. So I tell the launcher to download it. It said “Please Wait…” for about 1 min, then disappeared and now 4.4 isn’t available to download. I restarted the launcher, and 4.4 “Please Wait…” comes up for about a minute, then disappears again. I thought maybe the other engine is somehow messing with the download, so I uninstall 4.3.1. Now EVERY version is having that issue. I try and install, it says “Please Wait” then disappears from the list until I restart the launcher, at which point 4.4 then automatically comes up and “Please Wait”, then disappears again.

Hi DoctorWhy,

Try looking through the troubleshooting suggestions in the link below. If nothing works for you, please follow the directions towards the bottom and post your Verbose Logs.

That doesn’t have my issue listed, but I did disable my anti-virus, restart my computer, run as admin and none of that worked. I also uninstalled the launcher and removed the files in the install folder the uninstall fails to remove, and reinstall the launcher. This does nothing (and it still starts with 4.4.0 saying “Please Wait” for a few mins when first launched).Here is the file you asked for

And after opening and closing the launcher quite a few times, it is now downloading randomly. Well… ok then. Thanks for the help.

Whether it downloads correctly or fails again, please post back here to let us know. I’ve looped in our Launcher team as well.

It downloaded correctly. I just kept opening the launcher and waiting for the “Please Wait” to go away (and the 4.4.0 would disappear as stated above most of the time) and then restarting the launcher, and eventually, after retrying over and over and over, it just started downloading soon after a launch. Funny enough, it was the one right after the verbose log I uploaded above.