Launcher installation fails on Vista Ultimate

Running the installer seems to run successfully, until I get the error message that the msi is missing a script.
I don’t see anything obvious in the log, but I am uploading it.
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Hi rmm200,

Thank you for posting your Debugging logs. Could you also post your dxdiag (system specs) as well?

Here is some troubleshooting steps to try, however since you are using Windows Vista the issue could be something new.

Hi rmm200,

Unfortunately we do not support Windows Vista for UE4 and the launcher.

-Max B.

Well dang - I sure hope Windows 10 gives me an upgrade path.
Windows 7 is no longer readily available. I got burned with a fake when I tried EBay.
This may be the time to try my Linux system.
Thanks for the answer.

Is there a way into tricking your system into thinking it’s a Windows 7, when it’s actually a Windows Vista?