Launcher crashes while opening up

link textI have been using UE4 for a couple months with no problems until yesterday. I have reinstalled the engine and it is still crashing. I have no clue what I need to do next.

Hopefully what I have attached is what someone needs to see in order to help me resolve this issue.

link text

Any help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Hi Tmo,

Is it crashing when the Launcher is first opened or when you are using the Launcher to open the Editor?

If it is the Launcher itself crashing, try the troubleshooting steps linked below. If the issue still persist, follow the steps at the bottom and post your ‘Verbose Logs’. They are different than the logs you have posted and are Launcher specific.

Thank you for the timely reply.

The launcher crashes when it is first opened. Here is the “Verbose Logs” and text

link text

Thanks a ton!!!

Hi Tmo,

The log file you provided look to be the standard Launcher logs. The Verbose Logs will have the word verbose contained in them when word searching using Ctrl-F.

Did you add the bit of code to the .ini file before you reopened the Launcher?

I added the code. Ill try it again. thx

Hey TJ,

Ok so I double checked to make sure the verbose logs were in this one. Thanks :slight_smile:

link text

Hi Tmo,<\br><\br>This seems to be popping up here and there, it is a corrupt png file in you local content cache. I’m aware of the issue and working on a fix, but for now, you can get going by removing you cached files (marketplace images will be re-downloaded).<\br><\br>You will find the folder here, you can remove or rename it<\br>
<\br><\br>Let me know if that helps,<\br>Thanks,<\br>Leigh


That worked. You are a life saver.

Thank you sooooo much!