Landscape Grass type Shadow are Black !... lit?

Hi All,
I would like to kwnow how to lit Landscape Grass Type , about my setup
i have a
-Directional light set to stationary with distance field by default ( distance field ? or cascaded shadow ? )
-Foliage actor Tree from open World ( do not know What to set : movable ? static ?)
-wind force (so trees are moving)
-and finaly Landscape Grass Type (Where to set up light shadowing ?)

my render take a huge long time (13-20 hour ) so before going render can you help to get the best setup for !

(sorry i didn’t took a picture of last render built but shadows were quite similar to this one )

Hello, 84rt-design,

I am going to send you a link to the Epic Wiki. This particular section has an extensive library on lighting and troubleshooting. It also includes areas that emphasize lighting and optimization.

I can tell you from experience that grass is really thick. You may consider thinning it out some.

If you look at any area of grass you will see breaks where there is either dead grass or patches where the grass didn’t grow and it looks bare.

This is also a good way to break up the grass itself allowing for the scene to breathe and appear more natural.


thks for the link but i’m already quite good with all advices of it !

ive build light yesterday it seems that it is about foliage instance that is too much important to bake ! things is that the grass i took come from epic kite demo ! thought it was already optimise !

i made a test with a sample in a new scene , with grass system and one tree and same things ! it doesn 't lit well ! i missed something ! i’m on it !

Whenever you move assets from one project to another the objects always inherit the current settings of your project you are in.


1.) Lod’s
2.) Static/Movable/Stationary LIghting
3.) Post Processing effects
4.) Depth of field
5.) Level Streaming


Basically if you move any asset from one project to another then you will need to reoptimize. Even after optimization you will still need to be discreet about the amount you use.

For instance if you have 1,000 instances of a 3,000 polygon mesh, well that usually boosts your render time due to the calculations your computer will need to make.

Hope this helps you out.

About Mesh it is the same with same porperties
but set with 2 process : on the left “Foliage Instance” on the right “landscape grass type”
with: same daylight, same directional light, on the same Landscape, shadowed by a static tree from kit demo too

maybe i missed something with the new landscape grass tuto that i folowed :
[Grass Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation][2]

ok i found probleme and maybe it is a bug of the grass systeme ! i explain

-i ve recreated a new setup of default light, it was same untill ive seen that Landscape grass systeme were perfectly lit
when i started to erase painted grass!!

  • so i made a new grass chanel in the landscape material , and bingo… there i could create grass with two instance of same mesh with perfect shadow !
  • List item

at a point of several instance they start to be lit in black, so i had to switch instance painting by the other !

While it’s DIY, it may temporarily help me time to have a real subject matter expertise

Hey 84rt - design,

At this point I know the Landscape Grass Type is still in an experimental state. At this point it is used primarily fro procedural foliage. That way you could tweak the volume and it’s properties to affect the Grass Type itself.

You may want to consider just using the foliage tool as a work around at this point until this tool has been developed further.


Thanks with your advices ! it occurs that when i use foliage or landscape grass tool ! it is same for both now ! i’ve found that when i 'm over 900 instance of mesh !Shadow starting to be black and become more black with more instance ! with a dynamic setup Directional and skylight Using DFAO or C Shadow ! ok i hope that next version will be more stable ! actualy i forget grass untill i didn’t learn how to optimise it ! thks !! .

Foliage is Grass system created for dynamic shadowing (skylight stationary or movable required). If bake on static lighting whole grass will get brighness from pivot point on center of the scene - with is obv not correct.

Landscape Grass Type support precomputed lighting (check landscape shadows on every single instance in Grass node in Material) with is addapt shadowing from Landscape lightmap.