Landscape example map terrain shader question?

Hey everyone, I’m trying to dissect the terrain shader in the Landscape Mountain example map. Can anyone tell me where erosion map from world machine is hooked up in the material or where it being driven from?



Maybe imported as layer info?

Export the snow layer info and look at the map.

I could be wrong, but I don’t believe there is a separate erosion layer in UE. Erosion is baked into the height map and possibly into a global color map and global normal map. Ill look into it when I get some time and hopefully give a more concise answer.

Cool thanks, this has me really scratching my head. there defiantly is a 1to1 map in there somewhere that is controlling the snow. I’m sure it just right in front of me

I just checked, it is the layer info.

In Landscape, look at the layer list. There are two things. Right click on the snow name, select export layer info. That’s the map from WM.

If you setup your landscapes with layer blends, you don’t need to have a giant texture in your material and you can still paint on it with the tools. Once you have all your layers setup, import your greyscale maps into the layer info.

Ahh awesome! thanks for the answer TimeSpirit very helpful. one day I get all this stuff figured out :slight_smile:

to set up the material u can do it 4 different ways but this is a starting point @ your message