Kantan UE4VS Visual Studio Extension

When I build it mainly complains about templates which it expect in *.cs format but in project structure they are in *.tt format. Is there any quick way for me to fix this?

I managed to fix compilation by selecting tt files and right click to run tool in solution explorer. Afterwards I installed extension but it does not populate dropdowns with existing module names. I do see by lenght of dropdown that it knows about them but it won’t show them as text entries. This affects all Code Element dropdowns.

My dev config is :
Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 v16.4.2
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 4.8.03752

Hey there.

Actually I just picked this up again last week and attempted to update things for VS 2019. I also found I had to manually run the template processor, don’t recall having to previously but it was a while back so not sure.

I was mainly looking into the Blueprint debug visualizers so didn’t look much at the code generators. I’ll try to look at it this week or next. I wonder if the dropdown problem may just be a styling thing?

There have been some major changes to the VS extension architecture for certain component types, which make updating the debug visualizer a big job. Anyway I’ll post again here once I’ve had chance to tidy up my changes and push to Github.

You didn’t run into any issues with assembly references and Nuget? I seem to have problems with them every time I try to update the thing.