Just a noob who searched for ''the best graphics apps on android'' with a question...

question 1: Can I run all the best graphics apps with my phone?
question 2: whats ue4?
question 3: is it only for nvidia shield tablet?
question 4: Do I have to get a pc to run ue4 apps?
question 5: Whats the differece of ue4 and unity?
question 6: Where can I found a 64 bit android phone in brazil? I cant find it on any shopping in brazil. I can only find 32 bit android phones.
question 8: Am I idiot?

The current comparability list can be found here:

I don’t see it on the list, but I believe the Adreno 420 is supported. I would need someone else to confirm that however. Try downloading “Tappy Chicken” from the google store, if you can play it then it is compatible.

my device is compatible with tappy chicken but, if I want to download a game in 3d with a lot of details and everything builded in ue4… Do I have to get another device?

I want to a device to play something like this: Architecture Real-time - Unreal Engine 4 Archviz - YouTube , I know a mobile dont will be able to do this but, something incredible and beautifull. I’m not a genius but, you know what I’m talking about…