June #UE4JAM, June 25 - 28, "Earth Shattering Kaboom"

Question, not sure if it’s in the rules.

Can we use songs in the game? That are not royalty free? Or does it need to be that?



Thanks for the information!

I’m hoping to actually get my game done in time for this one (during the April one, I didn’t get the game done in time for the deadline).

~ Jason

****, I always come across these 3/4 of the way through…

Any chance it could be announced in the launcher or via email or as a notification on the forums? because I never remember to search through the forums every day to try see if there is a new thread about this…

Turned from a project to a learning experience; it’s all good!

Team Name - PushTwoPlay
List of Team - NDFJay
Real Name - JayJay Swarts
Name of submission - PushTwoPlay_PlanetaryDestuction

–edit added last minute update to include first and third person cameras and modeled a cockpit view
–Links updated

Self Extractive (exe)
Archive (Rar)

Name - Slatey
Real Name: Scott Campbell
Name of submission: Slatey ESK (Earth Shattering Kaboom)

Asteroids have been directed at earth because well we are the centre of the universe and those alien baddies seem to have a problem with us.
Destroy the asteroids before they destroy us (or don’t for the games namesake).
Also impressive is how the aliens have managed to find asteroids that look exactly like each other. Must be asteroid manufacturing plant.

I didn’t have too much time to spend on this. I think I did 12 hours all up. Just not sure I will get any more time to work on it further.

Really nice theme! :smiley: Love it.

Sadly I saw the post a bit late. But will try to put something together starting right now ^^

This is our kaboom coming from the Skullkitty team :smiley:

Done with mine! Upping the build now.

Download link: thus
Team name: Impromptu Games
Members: Just me this time, Joe Wintergreen
Name of submission: ImpromptuGames_InterstellarBarBilliards


Team Name: BhaaL (solo entry)
Name of Submission: BhaaL_UNsteroid

Download UNsteroid

UNsteroid - Asteroids meet(s) Unreal (and this has nothing to do with Steroids…well, except for maybe the explosions)
Defend your…backyard against strange…UFO…thingies. And watch out for the asteroids floating around aswell!

Controls (similar to SillyGeo, except for the Controller part thats not implemented)
Movement: W/A/S/D
Aiming: Point your Mouse around
Shoot: Left Mouse Button

As usual, I wish I could have spent more time on this one; but for some reason I always get busy with other stuff when a Game Jam is on ;(
Unfortunately I noticed this too late while doing the final play test before uploading, but some of the enemies still get stuck in their spawn location. I won’t be having any time left to fix this until the deadline, so I’ll just call it an easy-kill feature :slight_smile:

I’m so upset!

The editor just now decided to fail on me!

Good luck to everyone who participated.
Looks like I won’t be able to make it.

~ Jason

Team Name: Sleepingdragon (solo entry)
Name of submission: Kaboom


Team name (solo): JanWlosok (wlosokjan)
Name of submission: JanWlosok_Asteroids (Asteroids)

Download Asteroids

Your goal is to survive as long as possible ( Earth status = health). Your resources will increase based on your defense level/ upgrade (higher level = faster resources). You can build missile launchers for 250 resources (panel on the right). Resources are also used for repairing damage (earth status) and for upgrades. Each upgrade will unlock one special ability. Shield and Moon shield will create ultimate protection against asteroids, but it will use your energy. Energy will also affect speed of gaining resources. Other two abilities (Nuke and Void) require resources and are very good for destroying huge amounts of asteroids.


Team Name: Tinkula
List of Team Members: Tommy Smith
Name of submission: Tinkula_OfType_Shatter

Aliens, minding their own business, examining Pluto are buzzed by a projectile (New Horizons). Scanning the New Horizons probe, they read a list of 450,000 people attached to the probe and see it as a threat from Earth. To avoid panic, they hurry to Earth, to shatter Earth.

Youtube snippet:

My site currently has a 250mb upload limit, here’s the link at both Google Drive & Dropbox; both for ‘just in case’, hopefully they’ll both work
Drive: Here
Dropbox: Here

Controls: W/A/S/D
Missile Fire: Left Mouse
Pause: Tab

Is really short, but the design was much bigger…

Team Name: Skullkitty
Name of Submission: Detonation

Download link:

Movement: W/A/S/D
Aiming: Mouse

  • Left Mouse Button (Primary Attack)
  • Right Mouse Button (Secondary Attack)
    Spray: T

You can switch weapons with 1 2 3 keyboard buttons
(1 - Grenade Launcher, 2 - Remote Bomb, 3 - Laser Mine)
The Grenade Launcher and the Remote Bomb both has secondary attacks.

How to play?
This game is multi-player. I recommend at least 2 players.
Player 1 has to click Host Server. All the Other players has to click Join Server. Type in the IP Address of the host then press connect. (UE4 Usually listens on the 7777 port. If that’s not working then try to increment it.)
The game might require the host to open these ports.

Have a lots of fun! :slight_smile:

Yannas - 3D Art
Anthony - Animation / Rigging
Chris - Level, Blueprinting + UI
Lewis - Audio
Azarus - Programming

Team Name: Pizza
List of Team Members: Vencislav Nachev
Name of Submission: And Then There Was A Boom
Controlls:L Mouse button: Selects selectable planets, R mouse button,Activates edge panning,Scroll wheel zoom in/out,Middle mouse button:Resets camera Position.Space activates destroys spawns the asteroid.
You have to figure out the way to change a trajectory of a meteor by MOVING PLANETs to DESTROY THE EARTH.
Download link : Download Link

Team Name: There is no team! OMG! Dagnabbit!
List of Team Members: Xenome
Name of submission: Paile Grau Dott

Download link:

This planetary annihilation spectacle has the following awesome features:

  • Camera shakes!
  • No polish at all!
  • No optimizations of any kind!
  • No audio!
  • No textures!
  • Really crappy enemy AI!
  • Terrible balancing!
  • Only one particle effect, and it’s snatched straight from the starter content without any sort of modifications because there simply wasn’t time!
  • And many more flaws, but I can’t remember them at the moment!

That aside, been a while since I did a jam, but it was a great learning experience as always. There is no better way of finding out how NOT to engineer a game :slight_smile:

Anyways… technically six hours left, but I really want to SLEEP now.

Team Name: Indecisive Entertainment
List of Members:
-Carl Källén
-Edvard Silen
-Theodor During

Name of Submission: IndecisiveEntertainment_PenguinVSKaboom

Team Name: Inferatu
Name of Submission: Trek Star
Members: Celeste, Johan(sound)
WASD + Arrow keys
H To switch weapons
K To go to skill tree
ESC to close and save

Battery sign = More damage
Speed meter sign = More Speed

4 Enemies
3 Weapons PewPew- Normal damage, Freezer - slower but higher damage, toaster faster but lower damage.
Completely RNG
6 Different Diffuculity levels.
Skilltree for creating a better build.

I hope you like it! Video will be up tomorrow!

FIX: M is not for menu, ESC is for menu.

EDIT: You have to copy the link. CLICKING doens’t work. Http:// breaks the link so just copy paste.

Team Name:

List of Team Memebers: John “Jason Wanderer” Ingram

Name of Submission: Shattering Words

Controls: Use the left mouse button to select the desired choice.

Plot Summary:

In Shattering Words, you take on the role of Jason Wakefield, a young man who finds himself at the bottom of a dark pit.
As Jason, ascends he is tasked with surviving the dangers of the area and finding a way back to his own world.
The twisted environment, however, is not all it seems to be.

Gameplay Summary:

Resembling an classic text-adventure, Shattering Words focuses on the story being told without graphics or audio. As players see the story unfold, they are presented with a choice in various parts of the game; the choices may involve Jason narrowly surviving or dying.

Developer’s Notes:

Created in less than 24 hours, the game is rough around the edges. The game, however, does express the message that I was trying to convey and therefore does it’s job.
I recommend you analyze phrases, environments, and items. In doing so, you will be able to fully understand their meaning and message.
Enjoy the game.

Download Link:

NOTE: The mouse occasionally disappears if you click anything other than a UMG button.

~ John “Jason Wanderer” Ingram