June #UE4JAM, June 25 - 28, "Earth Shattering Kaboom"

Any artists looking to team up with a developer? I’ve got a couple of neat ideas I am kicking around - shoot me a PM!

I love this theme! We’re clearly having fun! Thank you Epic!

lets hope destructible effects work in packaged builds now

BSP I love you, BSP I hate you.

I’ll be streaming playthroughs of all these submissions as soon as the deadline rolls around, so that’s happening.

Is everything supposed to be created from scratch? Or can i use previously made 3d models (created, owned by us) or royalty-free models licensed by us for this? 2.5 days is very short time to get any quality work done.

yes you can :slight_smile:

I never do these but I guess I am doing this one

This looks sick

I wasn’t going to… But Marianne persuaded me. Cya later sleep.

"In a wasted land, a wasted Earth… Why bother? Hmph… Because it’s them or us. And I sure as hell ain’t letting them have it… Wasted… I’ll waste them Earth Shatterers all right." -Jones Davis, yr.3569, Dying Planet a.k.a Earth

Don’t know the visual theme yet, just had my own thing going with Jones Davis lol


Question, not sure if it’s in the rules.

Can we use songs in the game? That are not royalty free? Or does it need to be that?



Thanks for the information!

I’m hoping to actually get my game done in time for this one (during the April one, I didn’t get the game done in time for the deadline).

~ Jason

****, I always come across these 3/4 of the way through…

Any chance it could be announced in the launcher or via email or as a notification on the forums? because I never remember to search through the forums every day to try see if there is a new thread about this…

Turned from a project to a learning experience; it’s all good!

Team Name - PushTwoPlay
List of Team - NDFJay
Real Name - JayJay Swarts
Name of submission - PushTwoPlay_PlanetaryDestuction

–edit added last minute update to include first and third person cameras and modeled a cockpit view
–Links updated

Self Extractive (exe)
Archive (Rar)

Name - Slatey
Real Name: Scott Campbell
Name of submission: Slatey ESK (Earth Shattering Kaboom)

Asteroids have been directed at earth because well we are the centre of the universe and those alien baddies seem to have a problem with us.
Destroy the asteroids before they destroy us (or don’t for the games namesake).
Also impressive is how the aliens have managed to find asteroids that look exactly like each other. Must be asteroid manufacturing plant.

I didn’t have too much time to spend on this. I think I did 12 hours all up. Just not sure I will get any more time to work on it further.

Really nice theme! :smiley: Love it.

Sadly I saw the post a bit late. But will try to put something together starting right now ^^

This is our kaboom coming from the Skullkitty team :smiley:

Done with mine! Upping the build now.

Download link: thus
Team name: Impromptu Games
Members: Just me this time, Joe Wintergreen
Name of submission: ImpromptuGames_InterstellarBarBilliards