June #UE4JAM, June 25 - 28, "Earth Shattering Kaboom"

This time I might Join in.

Pretty sure I’ll get to participate in this one!

whats the theme ? please lemme know

Earth Shattering Kaboom

Just to clarify: these game jams are open ended, correct?

I can express the theme in any way, right?

~ Jason

Yes, it’s just more of a topic to get ideas flowing.

I’m thinking if giving it a shot this time, seems like a nice theme for my first Jam :slight_smile:

Any artists looking to team up with a developer? I’ve got a couple of neat ideas I am kicking around - shoot me a PM!

I love this theme! We’re clearly having fun! Thank you Epic!

lets hope destructible effects work in packaged builds now

BSP I love you, BSP I hate you.

I’ll be streaming playthroughs of all these submissions as soon as the deadline rolls around, so that’s happening.

Is everything supposed to be created from scratch? Or can i use previously made 3d models (created, owned by us) or royalty-free models licensed by us for this? 2.5 days is very short time to get any quality work done.

yes you can :slight_smile:

I never do these but I guess I am doing this one

This looks sick

I wasn’t going to… But Marianne persuaded me. Cya later sleep.

"In a wasted land, a wasted Earth… Why bother? Hmph… Because it’s them or us. And I sure as hell ain’t letting them have it… Wasted… I’ll waste them Earth Shatterers all right." -Jones Davis, yr.3569, Dying Planet a.k.a Earth

Don’t know the visual theme yet, just had my own thing going with Jones Davis lol


Question, not sure if it’s in the rules.

Can we use songs in the game? That are not royalty free? Or does it need to be that?



Thanks for the information!

I’m hoping to actually get my game done in time for this one (during the April one, I didn’t get the game done in time for the deadline).

~ Jason