Issue destroying bullet on enemy hit ((Help))

Based on a print string trouble shoot, the cast to Bullet is failing from the start.

CCD enabled nothing and cast to bullet still fails.

Based on the print strings, it is telling me hitFail on player overlap with enemy. Not Bullet.

Something is hitting your enemy but it is not the bullet or maybe it is not the right bullet blueprint that you are firing. Can you show the code firing the bullet?

I am sending you a test project I put together on the fly to show how this logic works. See if it helps you to spot what is wrong with yours. Will post the link here.

Then your bullet is not generating any overlap when it reaches the enemy. Check you collisions settings for both the enemy and the bullet.

Is the first one your enemy? Is overlapping only Pawn, it should overlap also Physics Body.

Check this out:

My Collision set up for both.

Changed it and nothing. I’ll check out you link.

sorry, but you download keeps failing. I have 100mb speed I should be good on my end.

I am re-uploading to another service.

Try with this one:

Good. I am signing off for today.

If you have any problems uploading it through a good service, you can always send me an email with it attached, if through Gmail use (Drive). My email is or contact me through my site @ I always welcome anyone to contact me through there.

Got it, I’ll check it out and see what I’m doing wrong.

Okay, well I hope this finds you tomorrow, but I do not use any versions you are using. It is now becoming clear since this would not be the first time this has happened with 4.15 not doing what it is supposed to or what others are telling me should work. Now I am wondering, which version you are using?

Okay, so I put things back the way I had them originally, then I added a simple bool to ask if I hit the Enemy. If true or false, I destroy the bullet.

Might not be the right way, but it works 100%.

this helped me alot, the CCD, since my bullets were going thru landscapes… CCD fixed it definitely…