Is UE 4.26.1 the last version of Unreal engine 4?

No. Epic confirmed that blueprints aren’t going anywhere. There’s no problem with it and it’s priceless for everyone.
In comparison to the clunky pair of UnrealScript and Kismet. None of these tools were flexible enough.

They made billions on 3D mobile games. Still supporting them, of course.

This is where Nanite and Lumes might be useless for now, so this a reason to keep old pipelines in the engine. Especially that this weaker hardware also is getting upgrades.
One thing Epic simplified (on the rendering side) was the removal of HTML5 support which required to support the ancient version of OpenGL. Not it’s gone, mobile platforms getting upgraded to be closer to desktop renderers. That’s already happening, look at the last UE 4 releases. There’s no reason to upgrade all the platforms and then abandon it. That would make zero sense and would have to be announced a long time before dropping UE5 Preview :wink:

Again, you assume that Epic is a bunch of amateurs that would remove such fundamental parts of the engine like blueprints or support for platforms older than PS5… just like that, not telling anyone. Just basically removing half of its technology for no good reason.

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Well, I guess he answer to my question has been answered by Epic. UE 4.26.2 has been released. The forum write up says their are over 200 fixes in this Hot fix patch. Thank you Epic. I look forward to running this new version of the engine on my projects.

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4.27 branch should appear on GitHub very soon :wink:

This is getting out of hand… now there’s 28 of them.



Funny! I find it more like indicate regarding the plans to taking a look at issue tracker. We’ve yet to seen 28 as targeted version, which suggests it might as well be just a placeholder, and last build of the 4th series would be the 27, that has been marked as targeted version for new and old issues on many months now. Wish i could say they’ll fix all backlogged stuff until then but doesnt seems like the case, issues still hanging in air might as well be rolling over to the 5th series rather, and in this case 4th would never be over, but we’re just moving onto new version.

What happens is that we are in Back End in a very subtle change, they are working on version 5 of Unreal and possibly many things are no longer covered and solved in UE4.

And never will be, bugs will simply transfer to UE5… #LeaveNoBugsBehind

I don’t doubt that most, if not all, of VR issues UE4 has will be rolled over into UE5