Is there such as thing as a Code Node?

We have it in Houdini

We have these in Houdini in various contexts for exactly the purpose you describe: Avoiding a large unwieldy node network where a snippet of code will do. Also not intended for large code blocks. We use them to encapsulate a little python or VEX script. We call them “wrangler” nodes. +1 for something similar in Blueprint.

Yes, something similar to Houdini’s wrangler node extension would be pretty cool.
So you can add a function node to a blueprint, where the function pins still behave as is, but the graph become a text editor that you can only call existing functions(available in context) and operations.

ps. and your graph with y is wrong.

Yeah, didn’t notice that until you mentioned it! Some things are just easier to ‘see’ in code I suppose!

Just maths would do. Just a node with variable inputs and outputs, and a line for typing in operations using the variables.

Super good idea.