Is there any free-trial somewhere?

I’m really interested in working with UE. Before getting a license I would like to try it (since I haven’t used it before). Googling a little I found out that it is free for non-commercial use, but since I can’t find any download anywhere I’m afraid that this ‘free-trial’ is not available anymore, am I right?

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There is the UDK which works with UE3. You can download it in udk

But many parts are rather different from UE4.

Thanks, then I think the best solution is getting it and trying it for the first month. Do you think it is enought time to familiarize with the engine? I have fairly decent C++ skills, so most of the time I will be learning about the editor and API.

short answer = no

long answer

UDK is being phased out, a lot of the core UDK download links are 404 not found now.

And there is no UDK4


In the link you provided an user posted "…and you can still use the version you were licensed up to… ", that means I can buy the first month and cancel the subscription until I need updates and new content? That would be awesome.

Yeah just purchased it, it was really fast. Thank you for everything.

#1 Month Is Plenty, try 4 Days

When I was invited to the beta I had no experience with UE4 C++ and I still do not have access to the new UE4 Source code.

I was writing new features in C++ for my In-Game Editor within 4 days!

And I had not worked in c++ for years :slight_smile:

#Direct Answer From Tim Sweeney

Your question is directly answered here:



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Check out my many UE4 C++ tutorials to get you started!


The trial is $19. What I mean by that is if you pay $19 you can use the engine that is out when you pay that amount indefinitely. Pretty good value if you ask me.

i got it for free i forget how