Is there a way to install on multiple machines without re-downloading?

Hi I was wondering if there’s anyway to install on more than one machine without redownloading the content every time.


On Mac I moved the installation on another my machine copying the following directories:

  • /Users/Shared/UnrealEngine/
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Epic/
  • ~/Documents/Unreal Projects/

Hrm, when I try to manually copy the data over from these folders I still seem to have have to download the services, good to hear it works for Mac though and thanks for the answer ! :>

Did you found any solution for PC?

I have finally found the solution so I will post it here !

Thanks to PGGreen I have the solution for Windows 7.

Step 1: Copy the entire Unreal Engine folder from where you installed it and copy this over the new computer install location.

Step 2: Locate within your C:\ - the ProgramData folder (This folder is hidden and will need to be displayed).

Step 3: You need to copy the folder called “Epic” from the C:\ProgramData of the computer that you have installed this successfully on and copy it onto the new computer in the same location.

This means that you will not have to redownload the distributed files again.

Hope this helps !


This appears to be broken again. When I do my suggested fix it tries to download 7GB again.

This only began after today’s patch.

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Thank you.

@SwitchNZ, have you been able to solve the redownloading problem?

I was looking for an answer to this for pc and apparently there is one… the academic solution… check this wiki for details…

p.s. its under the section “Updating the Engine and Content”