Is there a built in loading screen now? Because I'm unsure what this is.

I think it was back in 4.10 give or take. When I package my game, my blueprinted loading system works as intended. But ever since a specific version was released, during a map load, there is a black screen to some random garbage on screen, with animated dots on the bottom right corner.

Is this some sort of undocumented feature implemented into the engine? I thought of bring this up since I saw the same similar animated dots on the left hand side in the new Rad Rodgers game. So now I’m absolutely curious about where I can learn more about it so I can customize it and work it to my advantage.

Thanks in advanced!

Bump? Anyone have knowledge of this?

There’s a ‘transition map’ option in the project settings under ‘maps and modes -> default maps’, have you tried messing with that at all?

Have you seen this?

So how does your blueprint look like. Do you just use an “openLevel” node via a trigger?

Not that I’m aware of… If so, this is news to me.