Is the fps example C++ or Blueprint?

So yeah, the FPS example that you can download from the marketplace, is it made in C++ or Blueprint, cause I am not quite sure yet. I need to use the assets from it in my own project so yeah.

It’s C++, and Blueprints. Blueprints are used for instances of the objects and some specific stuff like animations, behavior tree for AI and so on.

There is no gameplay stuff done using Blueprints.

As BiggestSmile says, the ShooterGame sample in the Marketplace uses both C++ and Blueprints. You can look through that to see how a project like that might work, or you can open up a new project using the Blueprints First Person Shooter template. If you’re simply looking to reuse some of the assets from ShooterGame in your own project, you can find them in the Content Browser for ShooterGame and then migrate them over to your own project. You can read up on the Migrate function here:

Hope that helps!

Yeah, thanks for the reply, but oh well, I already know that :confused: So looks like I need to find a proper FPS tutorial, as the example uses C++ gameplay wise :frowning:

Thanks to both of you!

There’s a decent tutorial for FPS games in C++ on our Wiki that might be a good place to start:

Thanks but no thanks, I am looking for Blueprint tutorials! Hook me up if you know any! :slight_smile:

The video tutorials on the Unreal Engine 4 channel on youtube could help you.
There are also many articles on the wiki on how to solve different things with blueprints.

There are many Blueprint tutorials available, though I don’t know of any in particular that target making an FPS game. Many of the things you can learn in other tutorials will apply, however, so I would recommend starting with these:

There are also many community created tutorials, some of which are listed here:

And of course you should always check out the Community Content, Tools, and Tutorials section of the UE4 forums:

That should give you a good starting place. Best of luck!

Ben Halliday