Is it possible to submit some new features to the github?

Hi all

I’m not an epic guy, just wondering that if it is possible to add some new features to the game engine after the verification from the epic guys.
I mean adding some features to the coming version of Unreal Engine.
Such as phong tessellation, some other AO methods.


I dont see why not, just submit a PR with your intended additions and this will get verified by Epic, who may ask you to make some changes and such and then finally will be accepted or not accepted, there are plenty of new features being submitted.

Good to know that.

And one more basic thing, which branch should I choose to add the features?
There are five versions, it seems that 4.3 is the latest, but what is master?
(Not very familiar with github.)

Master is the latest code, I would suggest thats where u submit ur PR’s to.

Thank you!

However, it seems that some of the latest version of a branch can’t compile successfully, is it normal?
I’ve just tried 4.3, it failed compiling due to some missing lib, I can’t find the lib anywhere, so I am trying 4.2.

In the description of the master branch, it is said "The latest version is 4.1.0. Other releases can be found right
Here is who I took it, 4.1.0 is the latest released version of UE4, while 4.2 and higher versions are still under development. Is it correct?

I started another thread about the compile issue, assuming it’s hlslcompile that’s missing. One of the Epic engineers has been posting updates there.

I believe 4.2 is the latest release and 4.3 is a preview. I think the readme on the master branch hasn’t been updated.