Is it possible to not have the boom camera influence movement?


I’m making a game where the player should be locked to translating on the world space x-axis, and only rotate in world space. I’m trying to test out movement with the Third Person Blueprint, but can’t seem to find a setting that 1)Removes camera influence on movement and 2)Causes the Player to have a 0* turning radius. The player only seems to act in local space.

Is it possible to place coordinate constraints on the Third Person Template or do I need to build from scratch? Sorry if this seems like an easy solution, I just can’t seem to wrap my head around how to go about this.

I’ve attached a picture of the movement I’m trying to accomplish.

Thank you for your time and potential advice!

Heyo! Check out this tutorial set, I believe vids 1 or 2 will have a very similar solution to what you need. In the videos the player can only turn so far left and right while running on the forward vector until the come to a corner then they need to push a trigger key to make a 90 degree turn. You may be able to translate this system into what you want if I understand your question correctly.


Hey sorry for a late reply, I received news of a new job hours after I made the post, and I’m looking at moving 3000miles from home in the next three weeks. So, chaos and planning is abound. I’ll take a look at these and try to hack and slash it to my needs. Thanks for the link! I can’t believe it was sitting in the ue4 site and I didn’t come across it.

Sweet! So it looks like you were absolutely correct. The tutorial wasn’t exactly what I was looking for as there is still a turn radius that offsets the character translation. I think it has to do with the UE4 default skeletal mesh anim.

SO, instead, I made an empty character blueprint, copied the tutorial input over and that solved the turning world position offset issue.

Then, that wasn’t enough, I needed to have an “input held down” variable for continuous turning, so I went here and found Steve Allison’s response to be perfect:

Turning was solved, but I still couldn’t translate on one axis. When you turn it still acts on the local “moveRight” axis based on the vectorForward.

I looked for a way to lock the axis and came across this:
Kylawl’s answer was close but wasn’t working for me. I couldn’t figure out where to attach the physics constraint so it would affect something.

Then I realized that you can lock rotation and translation via the CharacterMovement Component in your viewport of your pawn, and that was the answer.

All I have left to figure out is how to make the ability to turn variable false when it reaches -60 or 60* from the y-axis, which should be simple.

Outstanding, glad to have been able to point you in the right direction (pun intended). Seems youve got a solid idea of how you want you controls to work and youre well on your way, keep it up. Cheers!