Is it possible to instantiate Objects (not Actors) in Blueprint?

I have an array of Items (classes derived from Object), and I need to add one sometimes. What I can’t find is the node to create a new Object from nothing.

Thanks for the time

I don’t remember seeing a Spawn Object node, but I am curious why you wouldn’t just use an Actor? They count as objects for all intents and purposes right? Unless you have some nodes that specifically want a plain vanilla object anyway.

You need, to create custom node:

Then, you need to cast object, to type you need.

By cast, do you mean cast it when you use it in Blueprint? Or do you have to cast it in the code?

Hey davi211
Maybe you need “Contruct oblect from class” node



Thanks for the answer, but this was posted more than 4 years ago and I have no clue on what was I working. I wonder if that could be the solution tho. :stuck_out_tongue: