Is $35 for 25 2048 ground materials a good price?

That was meant for Jay so that he can get his textures to a better quality before he sells them.

Of course and I’m just saying. I’m not trying to be nasty here just stating the reality.

Just check the submissions

Awesome 30 piece materials package that if you click on the screenie it’s going to be a freebie.

So to answer the original question “Is this a fair price?” then in my opinion no it’s not.

$35 is too much in my opinion considering the lack of variation and quality based on the screenshots - With what you’ve shown i would say $15 range

Also keep in mind that making your price higher will most likely result in selling less, don’t think that making your price higher will guarantee making more money.

One of my first packs on the marketplace was a 32 texture pack with more variation which included Diffuse, Normal, Gloss and AO as well as a basic material. My price was $20.

I would recommend improving the quality and variation of your textures and make sure that all of them are completely seamless.